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Hey there. My name is Christie Walsh. I am a graphic designer in the western suburbs of Chicago. While my primary focus is web design, I also feel at home working on print and branding. I've been in the business for ten years now, but I've been designing and building websites on a freelance basis since way back in 1996.

Currently, I work at a local museum as the media designer. Projects at my current job have included redesigning the museum's website, growing the museum's social media presence, designing print advertising, and creating microsites for special events and exhibits.

I'm currently looking for new job opportunities, and I'm eager to take a big leap from the suburbs into the City of Chicago. Please take a look through my portfolio for an overview of my work. Like what you see? Think I'd be a good fit? Let's get in touch. You can reach me at or (630) 234-3851. I'd love to discuss how I can help your business meet its design needs.

current obsessions

Responsive Design: This site is responsive. Go on, try it! Resize the window and see what happens.

Web Typography: @font-face is your friend.



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Christie Walsh

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